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Here’s a Bit More About Me

I am a passionate woman and mother and am proud to be a Yoga/Pilates and Dance Instructor.  I graduated from Hagley Dance Company in 2003 and I have many years experience working in the Women's Gym environment.  I am also a fully qualified Life Coach and I have completed a Yogi Kids Children's Yoga Personal Development Storybook Yoga..

I believe that Yoga is the relationship between the body, mind and soul creating space free from obstacles.  Yoga is freedom and release and I am passionate to help others find this release so that they can comfortably and completely move through their lives with ease and grace.

With an extensive background in dance and fitness, I always thought yoga would be fun and easy.  After my first class I found it was quite challenging yet the true surprise was the sense of peace and joy I found.

In my classes, I love to combine creative sequencing, a spirit of playfulness and a dose of inspiration to help you deepen your practice. 

My recipe for happiness:  Add a dash of desire, a cup of commitment and a bit of balance and lots of fun.  Mix well all together and ENJOY!

I hope you step off the mat feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and balanced so this can illuminate into your daily lives.

I welcome your questions, feedback and insights as we evolve together on this journey.


I truly believe that Yoga is not the destination

yet more importantly the journey getting there!


"Desire, Declare, Believe & Receive"

robyn alderson

Group Fitness Instructor

I'm Robyn, I started up Soul2Sole Fitness, and it is continually growing from strength to strength, as I also see this happen with my clients.  I am passionate about what I do, and I would love to have the opportunity of sharing my passion with you. 

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