Music and sound inspire your body to create energy


The dance is a poem of which each movement is a word

- Mata Hari

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Soulful Women Connections Workshop

Soulful Women Connections Yoga/Dance Workshops

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Creativity is the expression of your soul

 The intention of the Yoga/Dance Workshops is to:

  • Feel the joy of movement by using various exercises & music to stimulate and  awaken all your senses
  • Release freedom of expression
  • Be in the present moment
  • Connect Mind, Body & Soul
  • Connect with Oneself physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally
  • Connect with Another
  • Connect with Wider Community

I incorporate different elements eg. Fire, Air, Earth & Water or seasons eg. Winter, Summer, Autumn & Spring or emotions eg. Happy, Angry, Sad, Peaceful to awaken

all your senses and to feel alive and free!