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Me doing Storybook Yoga with the 5-7 year olds in my Studio

I recently completed a Professional Development Children's Yoga Workshop - Storybook Yoga with Michaela Sangi, Director/Teacher Trainer from Yogi Kids


These photos are just a few from the workshop and although we were all adults, you can see how much fun it will be for the children.

To Register your child/ren into Yoga Kids course, please fill in the form below. 

In the message area please type

1. Your name

2. Your mobile number (in case of emergency)

3. Your child/ren names

4. Date of Birth (DOB) and age of child/ren

Me doing Storybook Yoga at a local Kindergarten. 

I am available to come to any Christchurch Pre-school, Kindergartens etc.  This is another aspect that fits into the Te Whariki Curriculum Strands


If you never did, you should
These things are fun and
Fun is Good
- Dr Seuss